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Acoustic Droplet Ejection: Bringing Liquid Handling to a New LevelNew SLAS Board of Directors Members Excited to Help Shape SocietyMelissa Crisp: A Guide to the Science and Technology Career TrailIdentifying Cancer Cell Subsets and Therapeutic Responses with High-Content Single-Cell Screening

From the SLAS President

SLAS Never Ceases to Amaze Me

"As I write this, my head is still spinning from an invigorating and exciting SLAS2016 in San Diego. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable everywhere I looked; morning, noon and night."  2/8/2016



The Lab Man

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Screening Strategies for Drug Discovery: Matching Tools with Solutions

Along with SLAS2016 Short Course instructors David Swinney of iRND3 and Jonathan Lee of Eli Lilly and Company, The Lab Man provides an insightful, experience-based perspective on the drug discovery process. 12/30/2015



Andy Zaayenga's Pick of the Month from the LabAutopedia Book List

Applied Minds: How Engineers Think

According to one reviewer, author Guruprasad Madhavan "shares the essence of an engineer's approach and predisposition to creating solutions, but what makes this even more worthwhile is he points out examples of how those abilities can be adopted and applied in many disciplines." 11/9/2015



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Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection
Special Issue
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Advances in Mass Spectrometry within Drug Discovery
Special Issue

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